Flow Formed Wheels

Flow Formed Wheels

Bridging the gap between our cast range and our bespoke forged range is our flow formed “Spin Forged” range. Flow forming is a process where a wheel is cast and then the rear rim barrel is extruded enabling a wide range of width’s and offset’s from a select number of moulds. Not only does this method offer a wide range of applications not economically viable via traditional casting methods with the resulting wheel’s produced being incredibly strong yet comparably light in weight.

In conjunction with our extensive brake caliper database and our experience gained with our in house produced forged wheel program we’re able to deliver a wide range of vehicle specific applications covering many of today’s sports saloon’s and super-cars.

3SDM | Cast & Forged Alloy Wheel Brand 050 Flow Formed Wheels


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3SDM | Cast & Forged Alloy Wheel Brand  Flow Formed Wheels