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Welcome to 3SDM

3SDM is a fast growing wheel company in the South of England, UK. The market is quite saturated when it comes to different brands but we like to think we can offer something unique, with our slightly ‘out there’ approach to the industry. If you wanted conventional, then unfortunately you’ve probably come to the wrong place.

3SDM forged wheels are a breath of fresh air the otherwise stale aftermarket wheel sector needed. While most ageing wheel manufactures are happy to rest on their laurels, but we’re looking to the future and we think we know exactly what you guys want.

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With over a decade’s worth of experience dealing in this area, we were in a position to make a difference and so decided to get on it. 3SDM was formed in early 2011 by a group of open-minded modified car guys fed up with the current crop of garish wheels available to the masses. So we decided it was about time somebody injected some fresh life into a somewhat stale scene.

Already working in the wheel production industry meant we didn’t just have a head start, we were already one step ahead. Rather than sitting around moaning about the state of play, we decided to do something about it and give the modified car scene exactly what it needed, a range of cutting edge design.

In 2016 we decided it was time to take over the custom forged wheel market. Creating some of the freshest three piece split wheels for the likes of Liberty Walk and car enthusiast across the car world.


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-Cast & Forged 3pc-


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