Racing Wheels

Racing Wheels

3SDM Racing wheels are manufactured using a number of different methods depending on the application and/or technical requirements for a particular race series – Cast // Flow Form // Forged.

Using the latest CAD/CAM software and 20 years experience, all our Racing wheels are designed and developed using industry leading FEA systems to ensure the best weight/strength/stiffness ratio.

Our own in-house manufacturing and engineering capabilities also provide unparalleled flexibility when it comes to vehicle fitments, wheel sizing, and custom finish options. Whether you need a wheel that is specially-built to accommodate your unique suspension and brake package, or you’ve extended your wheel arches to get more tyre contact patch, we can get it done!

All our Racing wheels can be identified by the “-R” suffix after the model name.

3SDM | Cast & Forged Alloy Wheel Brand 500x500_0009_website-renders-do-not-delete.183-500x400 Racing Wheels


3SDM | Cast & Forged Alloy Wheel Brand 500x500_0005_website-renders-do-not-delete.187-500x400 Racing Wheels