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We are raising funds to produce a reproduction 16×8.0 Audi UR Quattro wheel.  By contributing you are committing to purchase a set of silver wheels.  The wheel mold will go into production once the full amount has been raised.

This campaign can go past 100% we will include any orders on the first production run up until the time limit that has been listed below. 

Audi 16×8.0 UR Quattro wheel 5x112et24 **Silver**

by 3SDM

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Campaign Story

Audi 16×8.0 UR Quattro wheel 5x112et24 **Silver**

This is our attempt to help UR Quattro owners get a wider choice of tyres and the ability to use larger diameter braking systems.  The original 15" tyres for these cars are only in production sporadically and are very expensive when they do become available.



Size 16x8.0

PCD 5x112

Offset +24

CB 57.1

Style - long spoke design that was originally fitted to the road going UR Quattro.

Center caps - Not supplied with centre caps but will accept your OEM URQ ones.

Colour - Silver (generic fine grain metallic)

Material - A356.2 T6 aluminium

Detail - the raised lettering detail around the center cannot be replicated exactly for a number of reasons, not least of which is trademark.  This lettering will be replaced with subtle proprietary detail related to this wheel in the same style as the original though.


We plan to make a batch of 30 sets in silver and 10 sets in white (this page is to fund the production of silver wheels, to pledge your support for white wheels go to this page).  Each set of 4 costs £576.00 including UK VAT*



1/ Funding begins (if you want to cancel during this time, you are welcome to receive a full refund.  If we do not meet our target, you are entitled to a full refund or continue to participate in the project at a higher price that reflects the lower quantity)

2/ Upon target being reached, the tooling is commissioned and paid for.  Mold production and testing will take approximately 30-45 days.  (if you want to cancel during this period, we can only give you a refund of 60%)

3/ Once testing is complete, full scale production begins which will take 60-90 days.  (once production has started, we will no longer be able to process any refunds)

4/ Once production is complete, the wheels will be shipped to our UK warehouse for distribution to individuals.  They will take about 30-40 days to reach our warehouse and another few days for us to process and courier them out to individuals.  During this period we will be contacting individuals to collect any courier fees needed for onward shipping ( you are also welcome to collect).

Approximate courier fees;

UK destination £22/set

Most of western Europe £45-75/set

North America £99/set (*subsidized from £195, see note below for sales tax rebate to subsidize shipping)


Risks and challenges

No project is risk-free, and with the vast majority of projects, the biggest risk is timing.

We have been in this business for over 20 years and are very well experienced in doing projects like this.  We feel great about getting our products to you on time - but unforeseen events can and do pop up.

While we can't control when these events happen, we can and will promise to communicate transparently and frequently with you. That's part of the fun of being a part of a crowd funding campaign, and it's what you deserve!


* VAT/sales tax

Each set of wheels pledged includes £96 in UK VAT (sales tax).  If you are a non-EU customer, we will make an export declaration on shipping to you which negates the need to pay this.  Your shipping rate will be reduced accordingly to take this into account.  If you are VAT registered EU business, we also will refund the VAT content/reduce shipping accordingly.

  • Update 2

    Funding target has been reached!

    Thank you all, the project is now fully funded and can move to the next stage.  Technical drawings have already been completed in anticipation and the tooling is being produced now.

    Despite the current COVID-19 situation around the world, we are on target to fulfill orders as per our original timeline.