16×8.0 Audi Quattro Special Shipping [EUROPE]


This item is used to pay for the shipping for the Special Production 16×8 Audi Quattro Wheel in EUROPE only. (DO NOT USE THIS SHIPPING OPTION IF YOU ARE NOT LOCATED IN EUROPE)

It is £11.25 per wheel. Please enter below the quantity of wheels you have purchased and pay for the shipping accordingly:

For example each set will be £45. However some have ordered an extra single so you will need to pay £56.25. Please enter 4 below if you have ordered 4 wheels

On checkout there is an area to enter your order number(s) for the Special Buy (This would have been on the order confirmation email). Please make sure you add these.

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16×8.0 Audi Quattro Special Shipping [EUROPE]

These wheels will only be shipped to the original billing address. Please make sure they match.