BMW 6 Series

It came the time to shoot Simon’s 6 series, so we made the trip up to Derby Nottingham to catch up with Simon and take a closer look.

V10 R8

When you think of a first generation R8 it’s overall style and design is still fresh and clean even by todays standards. Audi themselves didn’t even switch it up much when it came to it’s second gen.

Mk6 Golf

After hearing about this crazy Golf sitting on our new 0.09 running a MX bike on it’s roof we had to see it for ourselves.


We first got chatting to Alan at Ultimate Stance 2016, where we saw his Subaru WRX on display for the first time, we discussed the car and began to quickly come to the conclusion we had to feature it.

Audi TT

After a long drive up north to Darkside Development we met up with Danny to feature his TT.